About Us

CRAFT BY NATURE CO., LTD. was created by two of the leading Thailand bath amenities suppliers to become a value-added strategic partner to our customers.

We have supplied and serviced the hotel industry for over 20 years from our Bangkok headquarters, covering all of Thailand, South East Asia, South Asia (Maldives, Bangladesh), Middle East, Europe, and other locations.

Our offering includes international brands both imported and licensed brands, proprietary brands, unique luxury packaging, fresh and new customized designed amenity, and refill containers with bulk liquids product. We also provide brand and product development services and we assist our customers with a broad range of capabilities.

We continue to lead the market with full ecological amenity lines. We have successfully implemented these lines very cost effectively, but without losing any of the luxury touch and feel required for guests.

We bring innovative and quality solutions to our customers by providing customized solutions that enhance the guestroom experience and reinforce our clients’ brands.

We partner with specialized and professional companies to deliver to our customers high-end quality products, which we transform into versatile solutions, by applying attentive service, innovative materials and exclusive designs.