October 22, 2015 in International Brands



Biology is an Aromatherapeutic range of Australian hair and skin care products that work in synergy with the body. A combination of active native plant DNA complexes, aromatic essential oils and antioxidants, Biology offers formulas to promote optimum skin and hair health. Biology understands the needs of today’s consumers capturing the potency of native ingredients combined with scientific aptitude, resulting in truly ‘smart’ skin and hair care. For the ingredient-savvy and environmentally conscious consumer Biology prides itself on providing skin and hair care products without chemicals or cheap fillers. Where possible, Biology utilises sustainably sourced bio-actives and essential oils to help keep the environmental impact to a minimum. We also seek biodegradable, recyclable packaging and use vegetable based inks on printed collateral.

Naked Formulas, Made in Australia. Biology is a natural range of Australian Made Body and Hair Care. Our Naked Formulas are free from harmful chemicals, cheap fillers and not tested on animals. It’s not just about what we put in, it’s also what we leave out. Go #AUnatural